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Thinking about learning to code and wondering if it's right for you?
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18-Week Online
Coding Boot Camp

Part-time. Flexible. Affordable.

Choose between two great programs! Read below to decide which program, Back End or Front End Software Developer, is best for you.

Program Descriptions

In the 18-week, Back End Software Development program, students take three courses to learn the skills and technologies necessary to enter the industry as a Back End Software Developer: Introduction to Java, Relational Databases with MySQL, and Web API Design with Spring Boot.
Skills and technologies learned include Java 1.8, Algorithms, OOP, Design Patterns, Unit Testing, SQL, DDL, DML, Database Concepts, JDBC, Spring Boot, Spring Data, REST, JPA, JWT, AWS, and more.
In the 18-week, Front End Software Development program, students take three courses to learn the skills and technologies necessary to enter the industry as a Front End Software Developer: Introduction to JavaScript, Front End Technologies, and Web App Design with React.
Skills and technologies learned include JavaScript, Algorithms, OOP, Design Patterns, Unit Testing, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX, React, JSX, REST, NPM, AWS, and more.

Which should I choose?

Back End Software Developers are in charge of building applications that do the behind-the-scenes work. This typically involves receiving requests from a Front End application, processing the request, reading and writing to a database, and responding back to requests from other applications. If you enjoy working with data, defining and optimizing processes, and knowing how things work behind the scenes, the Back End program may be a great fit for you.
Front End Software Developers build the pieces of applications and websites that users see and interact with. This involves creating components that look good and provide functionality when a user interacts with them. It also involves interacting with Back End applications and displaying data in an aesthetically pleasing manner. If you enjoy creating something visually appealing or seeing a visual result come from what you create, if you are more artistic, the Front End program may be a great fit for you.

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Wednesday, July 7, 7:00-8:00 PM

Class meets online on Wednesday evenings. Each student will also participate in a weekly 30 minute, one-on-one session with a mentor. Students start each academic week on Sunday and are required to watch all videos and start working on assignments/projects before their Wednesday online class meeting. Course consists of 13-18 hours of weekly homework and content.

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Students must be 18 or over and have a high school diploma or equivalent. Basic computer literacy and the ability to navigate one's own computer is strongly preferred. Students will complete an aptitude test prior to the first class session.

Technical Requirements
Students must have access to a computer with a minimum of 8GB RAM and i5 processor. Class utilizes both Zoom and Slack for meetings and communication.

$3,595 due at the time of registration in the form of a Visa or MasterCard.* 

Students who are unemployed or underemployed may be eligible for financial support to pay for the course through the Nevada One-Stop Career Center (

*Contact the program office if you are being sponsored by a third-party such as vocational rehabilitation, One-Stop Career Center, workers' compensation insurance, etc.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate. This is a not-for-credit, vocational training program offered by the Division of Workforce and Economic Development at College of Southern Nevada. Students will not earn any units towards a degree.
Refund Policy
If a student requests to withdraw from the class, it must be submitted in writing to the Personal & Professional Development program (email is acceptable). A refund will be granted under the following conditions and less the appropriate fees:
  • If received within seven (7) business days prior to the starting date, the refund amount will be the course fee less a $250 administrative fee.
  • No refunds will be granted after the first class date. Students who are dismissed from the program are not eligible for a refund. This is an intensive program and we make no guarantee of completion or passage.
Job Outlook
  • Average wage in Nevada is $46.20 hourly, $96,100 annually.
  • Average wage nationally is $51.69 hourly, $107,510 annually.
  • Jobs for software developers are expected to grow 26% nationally and 66% in Nevada by 2026.
Data provided by the U.S. Department of Labor.

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This program is offered through College of Southern Nevada's Personal & Professional Development program in collaboration with Promineo Tech. Promineo Tech collaborates with community colleges to prepare participants for high-growth careers in software development. Promineo Tech is a group of IT professionals and leaders who believe that quality education should be offered at an affordable price.